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Real Estate Broker/Owner with MB/Toohey and Co. & MB/Real Estate by Rochelle IEB326584

One of the first things people ask themselves when a divorce is impending is “Where am I going to Live?”  “Who’s staying in the house?”   ” Who can afford it?  Can I?”


I have experienced this myself about 12 years ago and wow I was  out of your mind at the time like a scary/horror movie replaying over and over in my mind.  My head was spinning of what my next steps were and could I handle it all.  Some recommendation I would make for others are the following when in this situation.


Consider all of your options – Really look at all the real circumstances.  The first instinct that a lot of people have is that they want to continue to raise their children in the home they know.  From my experience this is more common among women not to want to make a change, but can be both.  But it may not always be the smartest choice for your  circumstance and most of all financial situation.  From my experience looking back, it would have been wiser for me to sell my house buy a smaller one that was affordable and not had the stress of coming up with a large house mortgage payment every month.  Putting stress and worry on my boys, missing great vacations that I could have had with them, and most of all missing out on important communications with them because I was too tired from working all day, stress and just plain being scared.  In talking to a lot of woman in my situation over the years, they have mentioned that they made the same decision and it wasn’t the best in the end.    In talking with financial planners they have said that this is a common big mistakes that a lot of people make.  Like myself, some will end of spending their savings and investments over the years just to make it work.  Working on emotions and feelings instead of looking at the big picture.


What’s your house worth?  Call an experienced Realtor and see what your house is worth.  Get in touch with a real financial advocate and go over your options.  Know that if you have to move your family it will be O.K.   Your children in the end just want your attention and love, let your pride go!  I thank God that my Sons have turned out to be so loving and responsible.

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