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Many of us don’t live in sunny, warm climates!  Myself, I live in Colorado and we get SNOW!  Here are some of my favorite tips to my senior friends about how to handle those occasional snowstorms and stay safe.

Make sure that you keep a pair of warm gloves, scarves and hats in the car throughout the winter.  Here in Colorado, we never know when the temperatures will fall from 63 to 23 in less than a few hours.

Check in with your neighbors BEFORE  the weather turns to ask them to help you with shoveling.  There are many young folks out of work right now and just the other day one knocked on my front door and asked if he could shovel my driveway and sidewalks for $10!!  I gave him $15!  Check around your neighborhood and be safe by having snow removed as soon as possible

Some cities have senior resources such as you can find on our Seniors Solutions of Colorado website where there are volunteer teams for helping seniors clear away snow from sidewalks and driveways.  Check out your cities resources.

There’s still ice under that snow.  Before it snows, purchase de-icer or just plain bags of sand and ask your snow removal helper to sprinkle it down once he’s finished (it’s worth the extra $5 tip!)

If you use a walker to go outside, have someone put tennis balls on the front wheels!  They don’t slide!

My sister is an RN who works with the elderly.   She couldn’t believe on her last visit with me….when it SNOWED! that I was walking around in regular shoes or “stylish” boots, delicately picking my way through and over ice and snow to avoid a fall. She recommended I get a pair of hard rubber-soled fuzzy/fleece style slippers to wear outside!  Well, I tried them and now they are always by my door.  You’d be amazed how many times slipping those onto my feet instead of clumsy boots have saved me a slippery fall.  They run about $16 in Target or Wal Mart.   They have a multipurpose….they don’t hurt your feet if you have bunions or calluses!

If you are like us and one car is not in the garage, an old fashioned way I learned from my dad and still do it  to clean the car windows…..put water in a tea kettle or small pot and warm it up (not necessary to boil).  Pour on the car windows and spare yourself all the slipping around the car trying to brush the snow and ice off the windows.   Throw the kettle onto back seat and see yourself clear!

Most importantly, keep your mobile phone on your person at all times.  Even when it’s not snowy and icy!  You never know when you will need to make that call!

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