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Whether you are going to be selling your home or purchasing a new one, you should want to consider how to choose one real estate broker or agent over another.  Given that nowadays most Real Estate Companies and their Brokers have the same resources for prospective clients, how can you find ways to measure who is better?

When  we  meet  with prospective clients, whether sellers or buyers, we want them to recognize the importance of selecting the “right” broker/agent for them.    You can create long lists of exhaustive questions for inquiry of  the  Realtors you are interviewing.  But, in the end, the client/agent relationship requires TRUST!  And trust those instincts!   If it’s not there, it won’t end well.

Another suggestions we share with all  prospective  clients  seems so simple it is frequently overlooked in helping to make an absolutely crucial discovery.  While any agent you are interviewing is sitting across the table from you, call their office number and watch what happens.    Personal communication is crucial to have during any real estate transaction.  Is this how you want your calls handled?   For some, the  correct  answer  may be yes.   For others, voice mail becomes a work multiplier, and no one needs that!

Another test will depend on   your preference regarding the type of transaction in which you are interested and the purpose for wanting to make your transaction.  Are you interested in a traditional sale or purchase, or  are  you  looking  at  foreclosed or  short sale options, or perhaps  you are seeking  alternative financing).   Investing, income, residence, wealth accumulation, short term profit, flip, re-hab, wholesale, 1031 Exchanges and reverse exchanges,( the list goes on and on).  You will need to ask your agent about his/her/their experience  with your type of transaction and purpose.  Professional Realtors will know what they are doing and will describe their business model in very clear terms.  The others will create smoke screens. True professionals   will  make  the process easier and easily understood at each critical event throughout the transaction.  The best brokers do their own transaction management from the beginning to the very end.   Agents lacking a crystal clear understanding will be easily identified.  It is important to recognize from the beginning of your transaction that it is not an “Event”….it is a “Process” and you will want experienced, knowledgeable and expert negotiators on your team.

Aggregate websites, such as Zillow and Trulia, are famous for invalid data, may be the most unreliable source of information regarding properties available and with incorrect information strewn through their on line listing.   Ensure that the agent you work with has an up to date IDX with their own sites and local Multiple Listing Services.

Most importantly we will say it again…..TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS!  And make sure you and the agent you choose are compatible on a personal level…..transactions can last anywhere from 30 days to a year, depending on the type you are involved in achieving.

Good Luck on the sale and/or purchase of your next home!

Our Best To You Always!   And Call us, too! 

Joan and Rochelle  

Oh, by the way®… if you know of someone who would appreciate the level of service we provide, please call us with their name and business number.   We’ll be happy to follow up and take great care of them. 

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