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Keep your lifestyle vibrant!   We all know that everyone is aging and far too many of us are allowing ourselves to age in quiet resignation.     We stop taking care of ourselves. We stop treating ourselves to life’s many pleasures and opportunities that surround us every day and are there for the taking for us to enjoy.     We’ve just stop taking them!   For instance, today I was feeling stressed and realized that I had not done anything for myself for almost two weeks.   I was allowing myself to become the shoemaker’s kid….I was making sure everyone around me had a great new pair of shoes but me!   As a senior myself, I made a promise beginning today to do one small thing for myself each day that would keep me vibrant and feeling good about myself and others.   I went and had a good old fashioned manicure this morning and that small 30 minute adventure just for me made the rest of my day! I accomplished more and felt good about everyone I met throughout the day. What small things in your life have you let go of doing for yourself?   Is it that walk around the block with your dog? Taking advantage of talking with the neighbors and being outside of yourself is a great way to feel better about your day. How about stopping by your local senior recreational center? There are many of them throughout the Denver Metro Area.   They are great gathering places for active adults to be able to connect with others who are drifting about in the same boat as you!   Friendships can be easily forged by joining a group who enjoy like minded activities anywhere from playing cards and games to art projects.   You can even just take advantage of sitting in a comfortable environment and visit with someone else sitting there, too! Make that promise to yourself to do just one small thing for yourself each day.   We think that you’ll find that you are enjoying your life more and more each day. It all starts with one small step.   So, keep your vibrancy…you’re worth it!

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