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About Seniors Solutions of Colorado

Seniors and younger people taking care of seniors need information and advice specifically designed for them and that’s what Seniors Solutions of Colorado, LLC (SSC) is all about.

We’re Denver-area professionals who have come together with the idea that the problems and issues facing seniors are truly different and need to be addressed by specialists.

From the law to real estate to finances, SSC offers a full spectrum of services.

We can coordinate our specialties to offer you a team of professionals who actually talk with each other to make sure that we offer you solutions that work together to help you.

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How are we different?

SSC is comprised of experienced professional companies and individuals who generally provide services, although not exclusively, to our huge and growing-daily baby boomer generations.

We are a collaborative group who support ourselves and our clients by offering joint and individual one stop shopping with guidance counselors, social workers, elder dentistry, elder law advisement, certified senior specialists in different categories and specialties, in home and outside of the home task and medical care and guidance, housing options and advisors, Medicare and Medicaid help and understanding, insurance, investment and reverse mortgage expertise to name a few.

Our goals are philanthropic in theory and several of our members are directors of local non-profit agencies. Our clients, therefore, have the ability to consult with SSC members on a group bases such as at educational EXPOs sponsored by SSC or on a more individual and private consulting basis to meet their specific need. Members of SSC are not product based sales companies and do not employ hard sales tactics.